Master Chef Yogee delivers exquisite taste and incredible flavor with his culinary genius!


We welcome you to enjoy delicious Indian food prepared with fresh ingredients and served with unparalleled friendly service. We cater for both lunch and dinner. We are conveniently located at Heart of central Washington Yakima . We provide a wide range of gourmets from Nepali to Indian Food. Indian food, often triggers the memoirs of a variety of spices with all colors and that irresistible aroma an ample variety of spices play a key role in creation cuisine, which is not as intimidating as it may seems. Its exotic ingredients, dishes you never heard of, and flavors that leave your taste bud tingling for more, Indian cuisine can be both exciting and intimidating. It’s such a complete world of taste.

Indian cuisine uses the whole palette of flavors (Spicy, Sour, Sweet, and Hot) all at the same time making it something that wants to jump off the plate. A proper Indian meal is a perfect balance of all six different flavors (Sweet, Salty, Bitter, Sour, Astringent and Spicy) with one or two flavors standing out. So the next time you eat your meal, you know how to judge it first, it’s important to understand the various dishes and flavors that make up Indian cuisine. There’s as much varied cuisine in India. It’s all totally different, and the only thing that connects it is a judicious knowledge of the use of spices.

There are a basic 20 to 30 spices that are used in many dishes like C umin, Coriander, Turmeric, Ginger and Garlic to name a few and there are an infinite number of ways of using them. One thing we must not forget is that every single spice used in Indian dishes carries some or the other nutritional as well as medicinal properties. Every spice has a reason for being there. Biggest thing is every spice has their unique health benefits and they make the food more exciting and flavorful. You’ll feel as if you’re halfway around the world. Palak paneer (A Spinach-And-Cheese Dish) with a side of naan will convert even the biggest meat lovers.

The bottom line: Preparing the dishes is only part of crafting the perfect Indian culinary experience. It’s up to each diner to make every bite count. When you make your mouthfuls, you can entice the taste by putting pickles or chutney on each different bite.

We heartily welcome you to visit our restaurant and experience the best in Nepali and Indian cooking.